About Blake

Blake has worked in the Texas Legislature for almost a decade. First, as a committee clerk for the House Committee on Pensions where he was a part of the process from the inside and learned what it takes to be effective in the Texas House. For the past four legislative sessions Blake has been a leader in the fight against Republican attacks on abortion rights for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and the ACLU of Texas where he’s been working side by side with our Democratic leadership. He is longtime board member of Jane’s Due Process, and volunteer attorney representing abused teenagers in judicial bypass proceedings. He also serves on the board of the Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas.

Blake is running because he understands that the challenges facing our state are immense. We are overly reliant on an unfair and antiquated property tax system to fund our schools and a regressive sales tax, which makes up more than half of state revenue. All while Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents in the country, yet our federal tax dollars are being used to fund Medicaid expansion in other states. Republican leadership has sacrificed necessary infrastructure investment at the altar of “small government” while inserting themselves into our families’ most personal decisions about marriage and reproduction. These issues are too big for on-the-job training. Blake has spent nearly a decade doing the hard work fighting for our values inside the legislature; he has the proven experience to help stop this extremist agenda.

Blake grew up attending public schools in San Angelo, before moving to Austin to attend the University of Texas. He is a partner in a boutique health care law firm where he helps doctors and hospitals who have been treated unfairly by insurance companies. Blake and his wife live in central Austin with their two daughters and chocolate lab, Arnold.